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Ardoukoba Volcano

Ardoukoba Volcano hasn’t erupted since 1978, and it had been dormant for three thousand years before that, so the chances are very small that it will show any signs of activity in the brief span of time that you are there. During its last eruption, the Ardoukoba emitted lava for a week.

The Lake Assal

The Lake Assal is hundred kilometers from Djibouti City is Lac Assal, a saltwater lake that lies 156 meters below sea level, making it the lowest place in all of Africa. Like that other famous low place, the Dead Sea, the saltiness level of the water here goes to extremes. Try tasting it and feel how it burns on your tongue.

The Lake Assal

Day Forest National Park, also known as Forêt du Day National Park, is a national park in the Goda Mountains and Tadjourah Region of Djibouti. Along with Mount Mabla, the Forêt du Day National Park is one of Djibouti’s two remnant areas of closed−protected forests.

The Lake Assal

Lake Abbe, also known as Lake Abhe Bad, is a salt lake, lying on the Ethiopia-Djibouti border. It is one of a chain of six connected lakes, which also includes lakes Gargori, Laitali, Gummare, Bario and Afambo. Lake Abbe is the ultimate destination of the waters of the Awash River.

The Decan Refuge

The Decan Refuge: animal refuge is a non-profit organization founded by Bertrand LaFrance in 2001. DECAN’s original mission in Djibouti was to protect the sea turtles, which were being slaughtered for soup in the country. 


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